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JAC is a Chinese brand of the commercial trucks manufacturing company, which was founded in 1964. The company is owned by the government of China and produces over 500 thousand vehicles yearly.

Meaning and history

JAC Logo history

1997 – 2016

JAC Logo 1997

For the most part of the company’s history, its logo was composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its top.

The wordmark in red featured a modern smooth typeface with an open horizontal bar of the letter “A”. The emblem depicted a thin five-pointed Star, enclosed in a horizontally placed oval frame. The color palette was a traditional monochrome with a bold accent on the red nameplate. It was a strong visual identity, celebrating the confident and powerful company and showing its values of heritage and roots.

2016 – now

JAC Logo

The redesign of 2016 brought a futuristic style to the JAC logo. The new version is composed of a wordmark enclosed in an oval medallion.

The new typeface features simple yet bold and strong lines. The letter “A” has no horizontal bar, and it makes the inscription balanced and harmonized. Letters “J” and “C” look almost like mirroring each other, but the contents of the “J” are sharper and the upper bar is a little shorter.

The color palette of the JAC logo includes silver and black. There are several tones of silver-gray color in order to create a three-dimensional effect.

The JAC logo is modest and minimalist yet strong, brutal and very modern. It is a reflection of a confident company, which values progress and innovation, and is ready for the future.

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