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Sbarro is an automotive company known for producing small-series sports cars and replicas. Founded by Franco Sbarro in Switzerland, it originated as a workshop specializing in high-performance cars. Sbarro’s creations are notable for their unique designs and technical innovations. The company primarily focuses on creating concept cars and custom-built models, often showcasing them at major auto shows. These vehicles are made for car enthusiasts who appreciate exclusive, innovative designs and engineering.

Meaning and history

Sbarro, an exceptional name in the automotive realm, was established by Franco Sbarro in 1971 in Grandson, Switzerland. Its inception was driven by Franco’s passion for crafting distinctive, high-performance cars. The company initially gained fame for producing revolutionary replicas and sports cars. Sbarro’s designs stand out for their innovation and individuality, often blending futuristic concepts with engineering excellence.

Throughout its history, Sbarro has been a staple at major auto shows, where it showcases concept cars and bespoke models, each reflecting a blend of artistic flair and technical prowess. These creations aren’t just vehicles; they’re a fusion of art and automotive engineering, designed for aficionados who seek exclusivity and cutting-edge design.

The brand’s portfolio is diverse, featuring everything from modified production cars to entirely original prototypes. Each model is a testament to Franco Sbarro’s vision of pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive design, making the company a symbol of creativity and engineering ambition in the car industry.

What is Sbarro?
Sbarro is a renowned automotive company, celebrated for its unique, limited-edition cars and innovative concept vehicles. Founded by Franco Sbarro in Switzerland, it’s distinguished for melding artistic design with advanced engineering, primarily catering to enthusiasts of exclusive and groundbreaking automobiles.


Sbarro logo

The logo features a stylized greyhound in mid-sprint, capturing a sense of swift movement and grace. A bold red “S” intertwines with the dog’s form, symbolizing speed and dynamism. This emblem embodies the agility and elegance associated with the brand’s automotive philosophy.

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