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Rivian is American technological company, a large carmaker in the United States. They’re based in Irvine, California, with the factory in Illinois, and offices across the whole country. They’re focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling of the high-tech electric automobiles and parts for them. Furthermore, they create sports vehicles, vans, pickup trucks and other vehicles. Their products are usually developed using a skateboard-like transmission, which can be easily adapted to the needs of other companies or future cars.

Meaning and history

Rivian Logo history

The company appeared as Mainstream Motors in 2009. It was founded by an engineer, Robert ‘RJ’ Scaringe. After the renaming to Avera Automotive (or Motors), it then became Rivian Automotive. This name is a game with the word ‘River’, deriving from Indian River in Florida, where Scaringe maturated. In late 2011, Rivian understood that it should restart the business to make a larger effort on the automotive market in the United States. Now it was concentrated on electric and ecological vehicle market. In 2015, it received a large investment and opened a few large manufacturing plants in Michigan and Bay Area. At that time they began working only on electric cars and creating a line of such products.

Between 2015 and 2018 they bought many plants from the large automotive corporations such as Mitsubishi and created their own factories across the United States. The number of their workers grew from 250 in 2018 to 3500+ in 2020 and to 9000+ in 2021. They created a line of sports utility cars, crossovers, sedans, pickup trucks, and other vehicles, made with electric engines.

What is Rivian?
Rivian is a car manufacturer located in California, United States. They’re creating sports vehicles, crossovers, sedans and pickup trucks based on electrical transmissions and engines. Their automobiles are widely recognized for their safety, design, speed, and speed. The main sector of Rivian customers is located generally in the United States, where they have a majority of plants and offices, as well as provide work places to more than 11000 workers.

2011 – 2018

Rivian Logo 2009

The initial logotype of Rivian was a circular badge, split in several parts. The whole circle was contoured blue. At the center, there was a gradient green figure, while at the top was a triangle with rounded corners and foundation. At the bottom, we can find the minimalistic nameplate, written in uppercase sans-serif letters of futuristic style. These three elements were separated by a gradient silver filling of the badge.

2018 – today

Rivian Logo

With the official redesign of its brand identity, Rivian brought a new logo in 2018. It features a large rhomb separated in two triangles by gaps in the left and right corners. Inside this rhomb, there is a smaller rhomb, also split in two elements, but this time by the gaps in the top and bottom corners. Below the image, they wrote the brand name.


Rivian Emblem

The nameplate has a capitalized script with semibold sans-serif characters, which have wide gaps in between. The ‘r’ and ‘a’ characters have small cuts in their horizontal bars. This font is similar to the initial script used in the 2009 logo. But that time the letters were narrowed and squished.


Rivian Symbol

The modern logotype consists of a single shade black. It symbolizes authority, power, and quality. And it’s also easy to put on various backgrounds, including machine body.