Jupiter Hammerheads Logo

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Jupiter Hammerheads Logo
In spite of its sharp teeth, the Hammerheads shark from the Jupiter Hammerheads logo doesn’t look scary. Instead, there’s a cartoonish feel about it.

Meaning and History logo

Jupiter Hammerheads Logo history

The team was established in 1940 in the town of Jupiter in Palm Beach County, Florida, where it has been based ever since. Today, it’s a Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Miami Marlins.

Symbol in 1998-2002

Jupiter Hammerheads symbol
The old logo depicts a hammerhead shark in front of a red lighthouse. The word “Jupiter” is placed above, while “Hammerheads” can be seen below.

The 2003 emblem

Jupiter Hammerheads emblem
The most notable update is the modification of the color palette. While the lettering on the old logo had the red outline, the team name on the 2003 logo has the teal outline. The color of the lighthouse remained unchanged, though.


Jupiter Hammerheads Logo
The palette of the current logo is more complex in comparison with its predecessor due to the addition of teal.