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Ronart Cars crafts high-end sports cars with a nostalgic 1950s Grand Prix look. Launched in 1984 in Peterborough by the Wolstenholmes, Ronart is famed for the Ronart W152. The W152, eye-catching and robust, wields a Jaguar-sourced V12, fusing retro aesthetics with current tech. Ronart’s exclusive production offers personalized touches for discerning driving purists. They prioritize artisan skill and dynamic prowess, reminiscent of classic racing, modernized. Each Ronart car is a testament to British engineering finesse and a tribute to timeless design. The brand’s ethos ensures a legacy that blends historical reverence with forward-thinking innovation.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1984 in Peterborough, England, Ronart Cars embarked on a unique automotive journey. Brainchild of Arthur Wolstenholme, a passionate car aficionado, the company’s inception was driven by a desire to meld the nostalgic charm of 1950s Grand Prix race cars with the advancements of modern engineering. This fusion gave rise to a distinct genre of luxury sports cars that resonated with enthusiasts of classic design and high performance.

The unveiling of the Ronart W152 in 1985 marked the company’s foray into the world of bespoke vehicles. This model, characterized by its open-wheel design and two-seater configuration, paid homage to the vintage racers of the golden age of motorsport. Notably, it employed powerful Jaguar engines, like the XK straight-6 or V12, ensuring that its performance was as compelling as its design.

Ronart’s approach to car manufacturing was deeply rooted in the principles of exclusivity and personalization. Each car was hand-built to the specifications of its buyer, making every Ronart car a unique masterpiece. This commitment to customization catered to a niche market of collectors and driving enthusiasts who valued rarity and individuality in their vehicles.

In the latter part of the 1990s, Ronart expanded its repertoire with the introduction of the Ronart Lightning. This model signified a stylistic evolution for the company, showcasing a more modern aesthetic combined with a robust V8 engine. The Lightning aimed to strike a balance between the luxury of a grand tourer and the performance of a sports car, broadening Ronart’s appeal.

Ronart Cars’ legacy is defined by its dedication to capturing the essence of a romanticized motoring era and translating it into contemporary masterpieces. The company’s focus on handcrafted quality, performance, and exclusivity has secured its place in the bespoke luxury sports car niche. As Ronart progresses, it continues to honor the heritage of classic racing while embracing evolving automotive technologies and trends.

What is Ronart?
Ronart is a bespoke British automobile manufacturer, revered for crafting vehicles that are a nod to the golden age of racing, merged with modern-day performance. They produce custom-built sports cars that evoke the elegance of 1950s Grand Prix while boasting contemporary mechanical sophistication.

1984 – Today

Ronart Logo

The logo’s bold “RONART” in block letters conveys robustness and strength. Typography within an oval suggests assertiveness, modernity, and sharp precision. Dense lettering mirrors the compact power of sports car engineering. A monochromatic palette speaks to classic elegance; the style, however, is distinctly modern. The oval’s border lends a complete, emblematic quality, akin to a car’s front insignia. This minimalist yet striking design guarantees distinctiveness and recall. It reflects the brand’s philosophy of blending tradition with innovation. The emblem stands as a beacon of automotive excellence and design purity. It captures the essence of Ronart’s identity: timeless, powerful, and forward-looking.

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