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Manganese Bronze Holdings established London Taxis International (LTI), a British company that has gained fame for producing the iconic London black cabs. These cabs, symbols of the urban landscape, showcase a classic design LTI aims to maintain, celebrated for their unique shape and resilience. Crafted in the UK, the company designs these taxis prioritizing passenger comfort and access, featuring a tall roof and expansive doors. In creating LTI, a fusion of age-old artisanship and contemporary vehicle technology comes to life.

Meaning and history

LTI, a subsidiary of Manganese Bronze Holdings, represents a storied chapter in British automotive history. Born from the heritage of the iconic London black cab, LTI emerged as a dedicated manufacturer of these distinctive taxis, known globally for their unique design and robustness. The company’s inception was driven by a commitment to preserve the classic aesthetic while integrating contemporary automotive advancements. Based in Coventry, UK, LTI became synonymous with the cityscape of London, reflecting British engineering prowess and cultural identity. Their taxis, famed for their spacious interiors and durability, were engineered specifically for urban transport, prioritizing passenger comfort and safety.

Over the years, LTI evolved, embracing technological innovations to enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability, while maintaining the quintessential British charm of its vehicles. This blend of tradition and innovation has cemented LTI’s legacy in the annals of British automotive manufacturing.

What is LTI?
London Taxis International, often abbreviated as LTI, is a distinguished British company primarily known for manufacturing the iconic black cabs of London. Renowned for their distinctive design and robust build, these taxis symbolize the fusion of traditional British automotive aesthetics with modern functionality, reflecting a unique aspect of urban transport culture in the UK.


LTI logo

The logo features an elliptical shape with a striking yellow background, encapsulating bold black letters “LTI” prominently in the center. This color contrast creates a visually arresting image, symbolizing energy and dependability. The three-dimensional effect on the lettering adds a modern touch, while the black outline grounds the design with a sleek, professional finish.

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