Courtyard Logo

Courtyard Logo

Courtyard is a brand of mid-prices range of hotels owned by Marriott International Group. Courtyard was created in 1983 to target business travelers and pleasure travelers. The brand now owns 1,199 hotels worldwide with 178,438 rooms, which makes Courtyard the largest brand within the Marriott International portfolio.

Meaning and history

Courtyard Logo history

Courtyard hotel brand is focused primarily on transient business travel and the brand’s logo reflects its philosophy.

The Courtyard logo is simple in its form but adds more life by using bright orange as the main color. Orange color is a symbol of youth, passion and success and it represents the brand, targeting the next generation of business travelers.

The previous Courtyard logo was more traditional and had 3 colors in its palette (burgundy, green and gold with a white lettering). The typeface was more classic. The new wordmark is executed in a bold modern font, the only thing it borrowed from its past version – a diagonal bar on the letter A.

The Courtyard logo adds a fresh and fun feeling to the brand identity and aims to attract young professionals and explorers around the world to enjoy its hotels’ services.