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Mercure is a brand of 3 and 4 star hotels, founded by Paul Dibrule and Gerard Pelisson in 1967. Mercure has more than 790 hotel in 63 countries and has been a part of the Accor Group since 1975 (former name – Société d’Investissement te d’Exploitation).

Meaning and history

Mercure Logo history

1973 – 1997

Mercure Logo 1973

The base of this logo is a pink rectangle placed inside a bigger, dark-green one. All the imagery was placed inside the former, including the ‘Mercure Hotels’ inscription and a snowflake symbol above it. The lettering used a soft, bold serif style, except for the letter ‘M’ – it sported a different, paint-like look as if made by hand.

1997 – 2004

Mercure Logo 1997
For the 1997 design, they shortened the lower bit of the pink figure to accommodate a big ‘Accor Hotels’ (their owner) wordmark in blue. In terms of additions, there was also a paler flowery ornament throughout the outer green figure. Inside the pink bit, they sanded down most edges and serif in the lettering and made the font much rounder.

2004 – 2013

Mercure Logo 2004
The 2004-introduced background was instead dark purple with a big pink ‘M’ on it. This one used a similar look as the ‘M’ from the previous design, but thinner, sharper and more elegant. The wordmark itself turned into a more solemn sans-serif writing with basic forms. It was carried unchanged into the next evolution.

2013 – 2021

Mercure Logo 2013
The most recognizable part of the Mercure logo is it’s color palette. The Mercure Hotels Logo scheme has 2 colors which are rich purple (Palatinate Purple #602460) and grey-beige (Timberwolf #DFDBCF).

The modern style wordmark is usually executed in palatinate purple and located on the beige M background. The M, the brand’s emblem, is very elegant yet contemporary.

The Mercure logo has simple yet sophisticated design, with the main accent on its color, it reflects the brand of Mercure Hotels perfectly. The brand’s slogan “In harmony with people and places” describes its values as well as its approach to design and visual identity.

2021 – Today

Mercure logo