Hyatt Logo

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Hyatt Logo
Hyatt is one of the world’s top hospitality companies with 13 brands, that make up 777 properties in 54 countries. The Hyatt Corporation was founded in 1957 in Los Angeles,USA. Hyatt range includes 14 brands in segments of Luxury, Wellness, Premium, Lifestyle, Modern Essentials, Vacation Ownership, and All-inclusive spaces.

Meaning and history

Hyatt Logo history

The Hyatt logo is an example of clean, trendy and contemporary aesthetic. It enhances the chain’s visual personality into a professional, vibrant and global presentation and shows the brand’s exclusivity.
The Hyatt logo in its elegance and simplicity reflects the brand’s loyalty, respectability and sophistication. It has a classic feel that makes it look upscale with its nice contrasted typeface and the bridge-like bar on the letter A, which is the only one graphic element besides the wordmark.

Color and font

Hyatt Logo
The color scheme of the Hyatt logo is a classic blue-white-red tricolor. The Hyatt dark blue inspires a sense of calm and spiritual awareness along with feelings of trust, confidence and professionalism.
Red on the Hyatt logo is represented in a very light, but significant way – a thin curve, representing bridge between the brand and its customers, or between the Hyatt’s history and its future direction. Red color here symbolizes energy, warmth and comfort, making the logo is look distinct and modern.
White color of the wordmark adds purity to the logo, provides contrast and represents brand’s sophistication and success.
The wordmark is executed in elegant custom font, which is close to Optima. The typeface with its fine clean lines is one of the most recognizable in the hospitality industry.
The Hyatt logo is clean and functional, with a contemporary aesthetic, giving a classic, timeless feel that’s also modern, stylish, and versatile. It exudes brand’s confidence and loyalty to its customers, and represents the high quality of everything Hyatt does.