Marriott Logo

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Marriott logo
The current Marriott logo introduced in 2013 has a more sophisticated look than the previous one, getting rid of the double “M” of its predecessor.

Meaning and history

Marriott Logo history

Many travellers of the 2000s were familiar with the distinctive red wordmark the Marriott hotels used. It featured the name of the company in a custom font, with a circular shape above it. Inside the circle, there seemed to be a part of the letter “M”.

Symbol makes its debut

Marriott symbol
In 2013, the company launched a global marketing campaign called “Travel Brilliantly”, where a new logotype could be seen. Both the campaign and the logo were developed by the advertising and communications agency Grey NY (New York).
jw marriott logo

Current emblem

Marriott emblem
In a way, the current emblem is a shorter version of the previous one. It makes the letter “M” its visual center, while getting rid of all the other red letters. Instead, it features the name of the hotel in a clear sans serif font under the “M” icon. Also, the circle shape above the wordmark has been removed.
courtyard marriott logo


Font Marriott Logo
The name of the hotel is given in a perfectly legible sans serif uppercase typeface.


Color Marriott logo
The iconic combination of the white background and the saturated shade of red is among the distinctive features of the Marriott logo.