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Sheraton is the well-known hotel brand with over 440 properties and 156,400 rooms around the world in  prime locations. It was acquired my Marriott Group in the takeover of Starwood Hotels (for $13 billion).

Meaning and history

Sheraton Logo history

1937 – 2019

Sheraton Logo-1937

The Sheraton logo was changed only once in the brand’s 40-years history. The old logo was and remains the most recognizable in the hospitality industry. The new design reflects the brand’s vision for the future.

2019 – Today

Sheraton Logo

The new Sheraton logo offers a modernized look and feel while maintaining the powerful equity and recognition of the original logo. Some of the elements were completely changed, another ones – just slightly.

The laurels

Sheraton Logo

The new logo reimagines the signature laurel as movement from the world and the energy of gathering. It has always been the most significant part of the Sheraton logo.

The laurels are replaced with a complete circle, an abstract ring, which represents the future direction of the brand.

The “S”

The most recognizable element of the logo, the key identifier for the brand is the “S”. It’s been redrawn in the center and became a little thinner, more crisp and elegant.

The typeface

The previous logo wordmark was executed in serif-based heavy Didone, which was not the perfect typeface for digital screens.

A new font is called GT Super Display. It has cleaner lines, which read better on mobile, and gives the brand a more modern, future-forward design aesthetic.

The new typeface has an Art Deco feeling and can become as recognizable for the customers all over the world as the previous was.

The affirmation

One element missing from the old logo was this reminder of the brand’s founding year. It is positioned on the very base of the new logo, so that it can be withheld if there is not enough room on a given placement.

The new Sheraton logo has been redesigned to signal an eye to the future while also hearkening back to the iconic brand’s history. It is modern and stylish, containing classic elements, and working perfectly with the modern ones.