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Hyatt Place is a mid-tier brand of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, an American hospitality company headquartered in Chicago.

Meaning and history

The Hyatt Place brand was introduced in 2006 in Lombard, Illinois. As of late 2020, the chain included 379 open hotels in 303 cities (according to the corporate website).

Multicolored logo

The Hyatt Place logo comprises a colorful emblem and simple lettering in black.

Logo Hyatt Place

The emblem combines nine small circles positioned in three rows close to each other. Of these circles, seven feature various colors, while the other two circles have the same color, black. If you exclude the black circles, you will notice the other seven form a large block letter “H” (the initial of the brand’s name).

The circles were inspired by the diversity of spaces offered in the brand’s properties.

Another interesting detail is that the emblem conveys the idea of implied motion, circular motion resulting from the interplay of the darker and lighter tones.

The lettering “Hyatt Place” features an unpretentious yet perfectly legible sans serif typeface. The upper word is large but set in a lighter type, while the second word is smaller but bolder. While the type echoes that of the primary Hyatt wordmark, it is simpler here, with classic proportions.

The difference in the weight between the left and right parts of the logo (both the emblem and the wordmark) creates an impression of an open (or opening) door, which makes the design highly meaningful for the brand.

Hyatt Place Logo

Monochrome logo

On the corporate website, you can find the Hyatt place logo in a different, simpler palette echoing the color scheme of the visual context (the bluish-grayish tones).

Here, seven of the nine circles are white, while two more circles are light gray. The white circles form the letter “H,” while the dark circles cover the gaps of the “H.” As a result, the “H” is more prominent in the monochrome version than it is in the primary logo.

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