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Crowne plaza is a brand of a multinational chain of full service, upscale hotels headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is a part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of brands, which include Inter Continental Hotels & Resorts and Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, and operates in nearly 100 countries with more than 3600 hotels and 118,000 bedrooms.

Meaning and history

Crowne Plaza Logo history

1983 – 2004

Crowne Plaza Logo-1983
The very first logo for Crowne Plaza was designed in 1983 and stayed in use by the hotel chain for more than twenty years. It was a horizontally stretched ellipsoid with a solid burgundy background and a thick golden frame. On the badge, there was a two-leveled inscription, horizontally separated by a thin gold line, and followed by a small graphical emblem, set on the top part of the badge. The emblem featured a stylized gray, composed of three waving parallel lines. As for the logotype, the upper “Crowne Plaza” line was set in the uppercase of an elegant sans-serif, white the bottom “Hotels Resorts” used a simple traditional font for its smaller size capital letters.

2004 – 2013

Crowne Plaza Logo-2004
The redesign of 2004 added glance and volume to the Crowne Plaza badge, redrawing it in a modern and strong manner. The lettering was now colored red and set on a white background, as for the emblem, the golden flag was now drawn over the gradient burgundy horizontally stretched ellipsoid in a golden frame, and set above the inscription. The wordmark got its typeface refined and the letters slightly narrowed; which added confidence and stability to the mood of the badge. The bottom line of the lettering now more often featured the name of the location and was executed in the same typeface as the main logotype, but with the letters in a smaller size.

2013 – Today

Crowne Plaza Logo

The Crowne Plaza visual identity is the newest achievement of the design philosophy, which builds the brand’s recognition in its sector and drives engagement with its guests.

The Crowne Plaza logo is a flag-shaped emblem inside an oval holding device, which sits above the hotel name in an all-caps, sans-serif typeface.

The flag-shaped icon, made up of three wavy lines, has been used as a shorthand for the logo across communications, and the wavy line has been used as a motif to frame print materials and complimentary products packaging.

Crowne Plaza Logo

Crowne Plaza’s signature color is purple and complimented by white on the brand’s logo. On other materials and packaging the purple has been minimized and used alongside a color palette of yellow, orange, light blue, baby blue, grey and white.