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Park Inn is an upper mid-scale hotel brand, owned by Radisson Hotel Group, founded in 1986 in Arizona, USA. The brand runs more than 140 hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and North America.

Meaning and history

Park Inn Logo history

1986 – 2004

Park Inn Logo-1986
Their oldest logo contains a bright green inscription of their name, made with bold, mildly serif letters. Below, there is ‘international’, written with smaller, thinner sans-serif characters. The emblem is three balloon shapes of red, orange and yellow respectively – all with a thick green outline.

2004 – 2019

Park Inn Logo-2004
The design they introduced later is exactly the same they used after 2019. The only exception is a much brighter color scheme throughout the logo.

2019 – Today

Park Inn Logo

The Park Inn logo is very colorful and dynamic. It’s based on the company’s positioning as a fresh and energetic mid-market hotel brand.

The main accent of the logo is a bright blue wordmark in a classic sans serif. The simplicity of the font is compensated by the intensity of its color.

The wordmark is lined with a colorful bar, representing the brand’s philosophy of being friendly, positive, vibrant and uncomplicated.

One more element of the Park Inn logo is a famous Radisson signature, which shows the brand’s affiliation to the Radisson Hotel Group.

The Park Inn logo is a perfect reflection of the brand’s values and aims, as Park Inn By Radisson is designed for modern travelers, adding color to life through its spaces, people and energy.

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