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Novotel is a mid scale hotel brand, founded in 1967 in Lille, France, inspired by American motels. In 1983 the company became a part of what is now called AccorHotels Group. Novotel manages 492 hotels in 59 countries.

Meaning and history

Novotel Logo history


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Novotel Logo

The Novotel logo is an example of minimalistic design. Using just deep blue color for its typeface on a white background, the logo looks confident and modern.

The bold lettering is accompanied by a caps tagline and a curved line above the letters V and O. No other details or colors.

The Novotel logo reflects the quality of service, provided by the brand’s hotels and their vision and philosophy — aesthetic and functional, modern and timeless, simple and statutory place with a unique atmosphere, where guests are free to live as they want.

Novotel Logo

The Novotel brand and it’s logo design fully represent the idea of “Modern Easy Living”.