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Razor USA produces small electric vehicles – mostly scooters, kick scooters, skateboards and motorcycles. They are perceived as a producer of toys, although their bikes aren’t designed exclusively for kids. Moreover, they are one of the few producers of truly electric bikes, albeit at a cost of power.

Meaning and History

Razor appeared in California in 2000, and their first product was a scooter. The first dirt bike wasn’t released until several years later. They are mostly making vehicles for kids and teens, and their corporate image doesn’t really try to dispute it. Still, some adults enjoy their bike products, despite their small size.

2000 – now

Razor logo

Razor logo never really changed since its inception. It consists of two parts: the symbol part and the text part. Both have a mildly cartoonish style, which fits their immediate image.
The symbol portrays a red saw-blade with a hollow circle in the middle, which makes it also look like a wheel of sorts. Naturally, they want this logo to associate with speed and moving, and not shaving utensils. This is also the reason behind the color choice – red is usually associated with activity, movement and other intense concepts.
The blade is also lightly outlined with black, and then with white (visible on their official website). The text part, in turn, is completely black, although it’s the type that’s most unique here. It’s uneven, round and almost hand-painted – everything to make the brand appear less serious and more energetic.

Emblem and Symbol

Razor emblem

The two parts may sometimes be depicted separately, if there’s need. On products, they are mostly put together – the blade on the left, and the text on the right. These images are put in the places where it’s possible to distinguish them properly. However, they are often diminished in size, because their very style makes them distinguishable.