Cupra Logo

Cupra Logo

Cupra is a brand of motorcycles and roadsters, created by SEAT in 1985. The company is one of the most famous luxury road-cars manufacturers in Europe and the biggest one in Spain. Cupra warm a lot of awards in prestigious championships during its history.

Meaning and history

Cupra Logo history

Cupra is known for its high-performance cars, which earned a lot of titles throughout the years. The Cupra logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its top.

The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a futuristic sans-serif font, which is slightly flattened. The wide bold lettering of the nameplate looks brutal and stable. The rounded angles created a sense of confidence and power.

The Cupra emblem perfectly balances the smooth sleek lines of the wordmark. It is composed of a sharp X-shape symbol with its lower tails elongated and the upper ones — folded and with pointed angles.

Cupra Logo

The symbol resembles a spider, just with not enough legs. It is a strong and masculine emblem, showing the brand as influential and energetic. The sharp lines add a sense of power and dynamics.

The monochrome color palette of the Cupra logo changes to silver when placed on the cars. And looks luxurious and elegant in the metallic-gray.