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Ranz is a Chinese automaker focused on designing and manufacturing electric vehicles. It is a sub-brand of the well-known Chinese automotive company FAW Group, established in 2013. Primarily operating in China, Ranz aims to contribute to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market in the country. Their offerings are considered budget-friendly alternatives to more expensive electric vehicles, targeting middle-income consumers.

Meaning and history

Ranz Logo

Founded in 2013, Ranz is a sub-brand under FAW Group, one of China’s leading automotive companies. Specializing in electric vehicles (EVs), Ranz is making strides in the burgeoning Chinese EV market. The company has made significant accomplishments in producing cost-effective, efficient electric vehicles aimed at the mass market. Over the years, it has introduced several models that are eco-friendly and affordable, attracting a wide consumer base in China. Its contributions to sustainable mobility have not gone unnoticed, as it continues to receive attention from investors and regulatory bodies. As of now, Ranz continues to focus on innovation and expanding its market share, aiming to become a prominent player in China’s increasingly competitive electric vehicle sector.

What is Ranz?
Ranz is a Chinese automaker specializing in electric vehicles. Founded in 2013, it operates as a sub-brand under the FAW Group. The company primarily focuses on the Chinese market, offering budget-friendly electric vehicles for middle-income consumers.