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Jinbei is the name of a Chinese automobile manufacturer, which was established in 1991 by the large Brilliance Group, and today is owned by Renault Brilliance Jinbei. The company is specialized in the production of minibusses, commercial vehicles, and trucks.

Meaning and history

Jinbei or Jinbei Vehicle Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that is part of Brilliance Automotive Group. Together with the German company BMW, Brilliance Automotive Group produces BMW cars specifically for the Chinese market. In addition, the company has its own brand Zhonghua, which produces Hi Ace minibusses, and the Jinbei brand which specializes in the production of light-duty trucks and commercial vehicles.

Under the brand name, Jinbei assembled a whole range of minivans, designed based on the popular Toyota HIACE and Toyota GRANVIA, which guarantees high consumer properties, reliability, and trouble-free operation.

Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing is the largest truck manufacturing company. Annually the plant produces about 60 thousand vehicles. Most of the finished products are exported to countries such as Syria, Vietnam, and Russia.

What is Jinbei?
Jinbei is the Chinese brand of vehicles, established in 1991, and owned by the Renault Brilliance Jinbei Group. Today Jinbei is the largest manufacturer of minibusses in China, which has its vehicles exported to more than twenty countries across the globe.

In terms of visual identity, the Chinese automaker has always been very strict and consistent, using one version of the badge for years by now. The main thing about the Jinbei logo is its color palette and cleanliness of the lines, which create a very recognizable geometry with contrasting elements and a very professional and confident look.

1991 – Today

Jinbei Logo

The Jinbei badge, designed for the Chinese brand in the 1990s, is composed of a classy geometric crest, and stable modern lettering written under it. The graphical part of the Jinbei logo is set in a dark burgundy, black and white color palette; with the stylized cup or trophy in black and white (or silver, depending on the needs of the company), drawn over a plain crest, outlined in black and white (or silver, again). As for the insignia, it is written in the uppercase of a confident geometric sans-serif, with the characters placed pretty far from each other.

Font and color

Jinbei Emblem

The laconic yet stable and bold lettering from the Jinbei primary badge is set in the uppercase of a modern sans-serif typeface with clean minimalistic contours of the letters. The closest font t the one, used in this insignia, is the iconic Arial Arabic Bold, which also has several typefaces based on it.

As for the color palette of the Jinbei visual identity, it is based on a sleek and elegant combination of burgundy, black and white. The color scheme looks very expensive and chic, evoking a sense of excellence and professionalism, and showing the strongest points of the company.

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