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Born from the genius of famed engineer Gordon Murray, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) emerges as a UK-based beacon of automotive excellence. Inaugurated in the verdant landscapes of Surrey, this marque dedicates itself to the craft of elite, performance-focused automobiles. The architect behind Formula One masterpieces and the legendary McLaren F1, Murray infuses GMA with a pioneering spirit in vehicular innovation. GMA’s ethos is sculpted around the creation of singular, driver-oriented machines, where sophistication in technology seamlessly blends with Murray’s doctrine of agility through lightness.

Meaning and history

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), founded in 2017 by automotive luminary Gordon Murray, marks a pinnacle in car engineering and design. Located in Surrey, England, GMA is a culmination of Murray’s storied career, which includes pivotal roles in Formula One and the creation of the acclaimed McLaren F1. GMA stands as a testament to Murray’s ethos: marrying minimalist design with groundbreaking technology. The firm’s maiden vehicle, the T.50, exemplifies this, redefining supercar standards with a fan-assisted aerodynamics system and a bespoke V12 engine. GMA’s vision is to craft vehicles that offer unparalleled driving experiences, combining exclusivity with innovative engineering. This quest for automotive perfection drives GMA’s ongoing journey.

What is Gordon Murray Automotive?
Gordon Murray Automotive, founded by the visionary designer Gordon Murray, represents the zenith in modern automotive craftsmanship. Based in the UK, this boutique firm specializes in crafting ultra-high-performance vehicles that blend Murray’s Formula One heritage with cutting-edge, innovative design principles.


Gordon Murray Automotive logo

The logo depicts a stylized mermaid, an embodiment of grace and agility, with a wheel replacing the traditional fish tail, merging mythical elegance with automotive speed. She is poised against a green and blue backdrop, marrying nautical lore with motorsport heritage. The company’s name is presented in a sleek, contemporary typeface, conveying innovation and precision engineering.