Pulaski Yankees Logo

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Pulaski Yankees Logo
The brand identity of the Minor League Baseball team the Pulaski Yankees is heavily based on that of their parent team, the New York Yankees.

Meaning and History logo

Pulaski Yankees Logo history

Based in Pulaski, Virginia, the franchise competes in the Appalachian League. The current emblem was introduced in 2015 when the Pulaski Yankees became an affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Primary symbol

Pulaski Yankees symbol
The iconic “Yankees” script seen is almost the same as on the parent team’s logo. And yet, here it is given in dark blue, while the shape of “Y” and “S” is somewhat different. Also, the Pulaski Yankees logo features the word “Pulaski” and three red stars.

Cap emblem

Pulaski Yankees emblem
The focal point of the cap insignia is a baseball bat “wearing” a hat embellished with red stripes and white stars on the blue background. There’re script letters “Y” and “P” from both sides.