Frederick Keys Logo

Frederick Keys logoFrederick Keys Logo PNG

The logo of the baseball franchise Frederick Keys conjures up images of bright fireworks late at night.

Meaning and history

Frederick Keys logo history

The history of the franchise started in 1989 when the Baltimore Orioles relocated their Class A affiliate to Frederick, Maryland. Now, it’s the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The team is named after the poet Francis Scott Key, who was born in Frederick County.

Frederick Keys logo


Frederick Keys symbol

The franchise has been very consistent in its visual brand identity – in fact, the Frederick Keys logo has been the same since 1989. Based on a rhombus, it depicts three white baseballs with black and orange seams. Each of the baseballs is surrounded by bright yellow strokes making them look like fireworks. The choice of colors – orange, yellow, white, and black, only reinforce the image of night fireworks.

Cap emblem

Frederick Keys emblem

A large “F” in orange is placed over a yellow and orange star. The background is black.

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