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Prince Motor Company was a Japanese automotive manufacturer, which was absorbed into Nissan Motor Company in 1966. Initially established in 1952 as a result of a merger, the company specialized in producing luxury vehicles and commercial cars. With its operations primarily in Japan, Prince Motor Company gained fame for models like the Skyline and Gloria. The integration into Nissan allowed some of these iconic models to live on under the Nissan brand.

Meaning and history

Prince Motor Company Logo

Founded in 1952 through the merger of Tachikawa Aircraft Company and Fuji Precision Industries, Prince Motor Company was a Japanese automaker known for its luxury and commercial vehicles. One of its iconic contributions to the auto world was the Prince Skyline, a series initially started in 1957 that later became Nissan Skyline after the merger in 1966. Other significant models include the Prince Gloria and the R8 engine, which powered many of their vehicles.

The company primarily operated in Japan but also explored markets abroad. One of the key milestones was its R8 engine being selected for use in the Japanese Grand Prix, demonstrating high-performance capabilities. In 1966, Prince Motor Company merged with Nissan Motor Company, and its production lines, technologies, and iconic models like Skyline and Gloria became a part of Nissan’s portfolio.

What is Prince Motor Company?
Prince Motor Company was a Japanese automaker established in 1952, known for producing luxury and commercial vehicles. The company merged with Nissan Motor Company in 1966. Some of its iconic models, like the Skyline, continued to be produced under the Nissan brand.