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Premier is the name of the Indian automaking brand, which was established in 1944 by Walchand Hirachand. The company specialized in the production of sedan cars and trucks and works mainly in its region, designing its vehicles on Fiat, Plymouth, and Dodge platforms.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Indian vehicle manufacturer is very elegant and fine, which can be surprising for the segment the company works in — as the brand produces not only sedans but also tractors and pickups.

The dark blue on the white combination of the brand’s identity is composed of a smooth emblem placed above a strict and clean logotype. The emblem of Premier Automobiles boasts a stylized drop-like letter “P” enclosed into a horizontally oriented ellipsoid frame, with the upper part of the letter touching the oval outline, and the bottom — growing out of it.

With the negative space, the stylized “P” creates another white drop on the right part of the medallion, and this makes the whole image more sophisticated and sleek, balancing the straight traditional lettering with no unique details.

Font and color

Premier logo

The Premier lettering written in the uppercase user the soft and fine emblem is executed in a simple and very modest sans-serif typeface, where all the clean and neat letters feature thick lines and traditional contours. The typeface of the Indian automaker’s visual identity is very similar to such famous fonts as Arial Greek Black, Arial WGL Black, and M Hei PRC ExtraBold.

The Royal-blue and white color palette of the Premier Automobiles visual identity is an exquisite and elegant combination, which stands for protection, reliability, and luxury. The color scheme of the logo evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation, elevated by the value of high-quality materials, beautiful design, and recognizable style of the brand.

The blue and white combination also represents stability and loyalty, which the Indian company tends to give to its customers for already more than seventy years now, and does it great, making the clients happy and content with the brand’s vehicles.

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