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Casalini is an Italian automobile manufacturer specializing in the production of microcars and quadricycles. Established in 1939 by Giovanni Casalini, the company is renowned for its compact and eco-friendly vehicles. Based in Piacenza, Italy, Casalini operates in various global markets, offering innovative transportation solutions for urban environments.

Meaning and history

Casalini Logo history

Casalini, founded by Giovanni Casalini in 1939, is an Italian automobile manufacturing company specializing in the production of microcars and light commercial vehicles. Throughout its history, Casalini has achieved significant milestones in the automotive industry. The company has consistently focused on creating compact and efficient vehicles designed for urban mobility. With a commitment to sustainability, Casalini has developed electric and hybrid models, contributing to the advancement of eco-friendly transportation solutions. Currently, Casalini continues to thrive as a prominent player in the microcar market, providing innovative and environmentally conscious mobility options to customers worldwide.

What is Casalini?
Casalini is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of compact vehicles. They design and manufacture efficient, eco-friendly cars that are suitable for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

1939 – 199?

Casalini Logo 1939

Printed in all lowercase, sans-serif letters, the name hints at the compact size of its automobile, while the red color shows the significance of eco-friendly transportation. The inscription is accompanied by an emblem on the left. It is a large, blue “C” that creates an almost complete circle. It has a red gear inside, which instantly creates an association with various mechanisms. Considering that the automobile is one large mechanism, it is a successful representation and connection.

199? – 2005

Casalini Logo 1990

The company used a new font to write its name. It resembles the Myriad Pro SemiExt SemiBold typeface and has clean, straight lines and cuts. The letter “C” has a small circle at the bottom, just like the larger “C” emblem on the left. It can be assumed that this circle is used to represent the gear from the previous logo and add a unique touch to the emblem. In the lower right corner of the logo, there is an establishment date. Considering that the company was around half a century old at the time, it was a good sign of reliability and trustworthiness. Such an impression was supported by the dark color of the emblem.

2005 – now

Casalini Logo

In 2005, the company introduced a new logo. It was a modern spin on the recognizable image. The new logo did not have any inscription but rather presented a redesigned round emblem next to the name. The blue circle now had a texture as well as a much lighter color with darker shades being used only to create an illusion of volume.  The letter “C” with a ring at the bottom also had a three-dimensional shape, but it was done in a pleasant shade of metallic gray. The designers also added a border around this emblem. It was done in the same style as the initials, complementing it and creating a complete look. The color palette and metallic finish made the company look trustworthy and at the same time at the forefront of modern advancements.