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Invicta Electric is a forward-thinking company specializing in electric mobility solutions. It was founded with the vision of creating eco-friendly, efficient, and accessible electric vehicles (EVs), ranging from electric bikes to cars. The initiative reflects a growing global trend towards sustainable transportation. Invicta Electric’s creations are not just vehicles but symbols of a commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation. The company aims to revolutionize how we think about and use transportation, making it cleaner and more sustainable for future generations.

Meaning and history

Invicta Electric champions green urban travel in Spain with an array of electric vehicles and digital solutions for city transportation. They tailor their offerings to enrich urban transit, promoting unhindered movement with a sustainable touch. Invicta Electric emphasizes sustainable mobility, aiming to transform urban environments into smoke and noise-free spaces. They also offer financial incentives like the Plan MOVES, facilitating the shift towards electric vehicles by making them more affordable and economical to maintain compared to combustion vehicles.

What is Invicta Electric?
Invicta Electric is an innovative Spanish company focused on promoting sustainable urban transportation by offering a diverse range of 100% electric vehicles. Their products, tailored to various urban mobility needs, include electric scooters, bikes, and cars, all designed to contribute to eco-friendly and noise-free city environments.


Invicta Electric logo
The logo of Invicta Electric features a bold, capitalized typeface with the word “INVICTA” at the top, underlined by a stylized, sweeping wing-like design, which suggests speed and motion. The smaller yet distinct block font of “ELECTRIC” sits directly below, highlighting the firm’s dedication to electric vehicle innovation in an assertive and clear manner. The monochromatic color scheme conveys a modern and sleek aesthetic, while the symmetry of the design implies stability and balance.

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