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KIA Telluride is an automobile model of the front- or all-wheel drive SUV full-size category, produced by the famous Korean automaker KIA. This model is the largest one in the KIA lineup.

Meaning and history

The world premiere of the KIA Telluride SUV, named after a small town in Colorado, took place in January 2019 on the stands of the North American International Auto Show, while its five-door concept was first introduced in Detroit in January 2016, and then also in September 2018 at New York Fashion Week.

KIA decided to create this model as a worthy competitor for the similarly large SUV from Hyundai, the Palisade. The design of the new KIA Telluride was developed at the California design studio of the South Korean company.

In terms of dimensions, KIA Telluride is a full-fledged representative of the full-size segment: it stretches 5001 mm in length, 1989 mm in width, and 1750 mm in height (with the rails – 1760 mm). The wheelbase of the SUV stretches to 2901 mm, and its ground clearance varies in the range of 200-203 mm.

From the outside KIA Telluride forces to pay attention to itself, and not only because of its huge size – the crossover looks really attractive, deliberately brutal, imposing, and balanced.

What is KIA Telluride?
KIA Telluride is not just the flagship crossover in the lineup of the KIA company, but also generally the largest model in the history of the South Korean automaker. The Telluride concept was introduced in 2016, and the first serial car of the model saw the light in 2019.

In terms of visual identity, KIA Telluride is powerful and brutal. The badge of this model is a simple logotype, but in a super heavy and stable typeface, which speaks louder than any emblems. The logotype is usually placed on the bonnet of the Telluride cars, above the iconic KIA medallion.

2019 – Today

KIA Telluride Logo

The KIA Telluride logo is composed of extra-bold uppercase lettering in a geometric sans-serif font, with the extended characters set in dark-gray metallic, when placed in cars, and in plain flat black when used for printed material and marketing purposes. The logotype is usually accompanied by the oval KIA medallion, set in the same style, depending on the placement. The wordmark looks very stable and brutal, showing the masculine character of KIA Telluride, and evoking a sense of confidence and strength.

Font and color

KIA Telluride Emblem

The heavy uppercase logotype on the KIA Telluride cars is set in a modern geometric sans-serif font with the letters significantly extended horizontally. The closest font to the one, used in this insignia, is, probably, Arial Bold, with the characters super-extended.

As for the color palette of the KIA Telluride visual identity, when placed on the printed and digital materials, the logo is set in flat black, and when in cars — in glossy metallic. Both schemes represent strength, confidence, and reliability.

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