Orem Owlz Logo

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Orem Owlz Logo
Although the palette of the Orem Owlz logo has been obviously influenced by that of their parent team, the overall look of the emblem is unique and instantly recognizable.

Meaning and History logo

Orem Owlz Logo history

The franchise was established in 2004 under the name of the Provo Angels. It adopted the current name in 2004, following the relocation from Provo to Orem, Utah. Today, it’s a farm team for the baseball franchise Los Angeles Angels.

Primary symbol

Orem Owlz symbol
Taking into consideration the name of the team, it’s hardly a surprise that the Orem Owlz logo showcases an owl. The bird has a fierce look on its muzzle. He’s holding baseball bats in both the paws, while his head resembles a baseball.

Cap emblem

Orem Owlz emblem
One version of the cap insignia sports only the owl’s eyes. Another version features an “O” held in the owl’s paw.