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The Minor League Baseball team Omaha Storm Chasers has had only one primary logo since it received its current name in 2011.

Meaning and history

Omaha Storm Chasers Logo history

The club has had around 40 seasons (off and on) under the name of the Omaha Royals. The new name was chosen out of over 1500 submissions from the team’s fans. According to Martie Corado, the club’s General Manager, this name emphasizes the role of weather in the team’s home state and is also a way of “poking a little fun at the variety of weather” characteristic for the area.

Omaha Storm Chasers logo

Primary symbol

Omaha Storm Chasers symbol

The Omaha Storm Chasers logo explores the same theme. It shows a storm as seen from above. You can see the eye of the storm forming the letter “O,” which is also the initial of “Omaha.” The name of the team in dark blue and gold is placed over it.

Alternative emblems

Omaha Storm Chasers emblem

The secondary emblems feature variations of the “O bolt” logo. One of them sports the “O” with interlocking “S” and “C” over it. Both the “SC” and the “O bolt” can also be used as standalone logos. The cap insignia showcases one of the team’s mascots.


Omaha Storm Chasers baseball logo

In addition to two shades of blue – royal blue and light blue, – the Omaha Storm Chasers logo also features a very dark shade of gold called Vegas gold, and black.