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Established in 2001 in Lakewood, New Jersey, the baseball team Lakewood BlueClaws plays in the South Atlantic League and is the Class-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. The connection with the Phillies isn’t reflected in the team logo, though; – the BlueClaws possess a distinctive and unique brand identity.

Meaning and history

Lakewood BlueClaws Logo history

The only notable update of the Lakewood BlueClaws logo since 2001 hasn’t affected its central element, the blue crab after which the franchise was named.

2001 — 2009

Lakewood BlueClaws Logo 2001The original logo featured a blue crab looking out of the water behind the name of the team.

2010 — Today

Lakewood BlueClaws logo

The crab on the 2010 Lakewood BlueClaws logo looks more like a baseball player. He’s a wearing a cap and throwing a baseball with his claw. The team’s name is scripted on the forefront in white, navy, and red.

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