Roblox adjusts its logo, trying to build its own metaverse

Launched in 2006, Roblox is one of the popular online game platforms allowing players to program games to their liking. Now, the playing service has more than 165 million users from around the world. Aiming to reach a new level by creating its own metaverse, Roblox has updated its logo. With its redesigned logo and a new slogan, the company demonstrates its willingness to increase its user base, widening the Roblox world. The branding of the game is changing to keep pace with its growing-up audience.

Actually, the Roblox emblem didn’t change much, representing a fresh vision of the iconic Roblox wordmark, according to the company. The aperture in the first square-like “O” has become bigger, while the second square-formed “O” has been replaced with a round one.

As Roblox CEO David Baszucki said, the updated emblem showcases custom letterforms that are perceived as lighter, reflecting a more modern aesthetics. Having a classic form now, the second “O” makes a contrast with the first “O” whose slope was adjusted, saving the distinct character of the logo.

While the platform’s logo has received minimal changes, the company has come up with a new slogan – “Reimagining the way people come together”. Departing from its previous motto “Powering Imagination”, the company is aspiring to add new traits to its image.

The update of the Roblox look means the company’s transformation into a kind of social playground where can gather to share, celebrate, and express themselves. Using the word “people” in its slogan instead of “kids” or “children” can tell us how the platform will position itself in the future. Becoming a metaverse, Roblox is welcoming players of all ages.

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