Alex Ovechkin presents his personal apparel brand created by Nike

Eight years ago, Russian NHL star, playing as the captain of the Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin signed a long-term contract with Nike. In the framework of this cooperation that is lasting to present day, the hockey player got a personal logotype designed by the apparel firm. The logo, that can often be noticed on Alex’s jerseys, sticks and skates, represents a kind of a monogram in which one can make out an “O”, a “V” and an “8” referring the uniform number that Ovechkin wears.

Continuing the collaboration with the Capitals’ captain, Nike has created a new design for Ovechkin’s brand-new sports apparel collection which will be available on his own website recently launched for commercial purposes. The model range includes caps, performance gears, t-shirts and fleece hoodies. Each item features a special version of Ovi’s logo and the Nike Swoosh logo, and some models also have the stylized lettering “ALEX OVECHKIN”. The collection is expected to be expanded with new models in the future. All of the items can be ordered by buyers from the United States, Canada and Russia.

According to Alex’s agent David Abrutyn, it’s a unique case when Nike develops a personal logo and an apparel brand for an athlete, and Ovi surely takes pride in it. The goal of the apparel giant was to create something for him that would be distinguished with longevity and universality, and hopefully, it has succeeded.
As Abrutyn added, if Ovechkin’s new brand meets commercial success, he may start cooperating with the merchandise department of Capital One Arena.