Jaguar Land Rover presents its first corporate logo

Jaguar Land Rover, a car brand owned by the Indian automaker Tata Motors, has received its first-ever corporate logo. According to an official press release, the new visual identity is the next step as part of the Reimagine strategy, while reflecting the company’s ambition in the luxury car segment.

Tata Motors acquired two separate brands Jaguar and Land Rover in 2013 and merged them into one company. In 2021, Thierry Boloré, who was the predecessor of the current JLR head Adrian Mardell, presented a new electric strategy for the company for the coming years. By launching the Reimagine program, the British brand is planning to invest €17 billion to electrify its product range. An electric version will be available for all JLR models before 2030.

Now, when the brand’s new identity is unveiled, the company claims that it is seeking to “eliminate the ambiguity and bring to the fore the unique DNA’s of each JLR brand – Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar – and accelerate the implementation of the company’s vision of the luxury brand”. JLR also says the Land Rover brand will stay an important part of the company.

Earlier, JLR used the logos of Jaguar and Land Rover, placed next to each other, as its signature, without a single corporate design that would allow people to identify the brand and associate it with its car models.

The abbreviation “JLR”, which has long been used for the inner and outer communications of the company, will now be used as the logo of the brand. According to the firm, the new emblem and the related identity elements symbolize elegance, modernity, and “the foresight of the company”.

Overall, the logo looks quite stylish with the laconic strokes of the letters, the sloped end in the “J” and the “L”, and the “R” without the left vertical bar which is obviously the most remarkable thing about the design. Basically, a luxury brand should have a logo like this, with an appearance of a monogram. The narrow strokes with accented verticality give the mark an elegant and noble expression. The clear design features make it look compact, independent, and fine.