Google Chrome gets new logo for the first time in eight years

The world’s most popular web browser is going to get a new logo. Google Chrome updates its visual identity for the first time in eight years. The revamping of the emblem will bring the application visually closer to the Google product family.

While Chrome has maintained Google’s branded four-color palette since 2008 and received the trendy flat look in 2011, the refreshment deals with only subtle changes. As we can see on the images presented by Google, the colors in the facelifted Chrome logo have become brighter, the central blue circle has got larger, and the shadows, which were in the previous version, have been removed.

The new emblem first was unveiled in a tweet of Elvin Hu, the chief designer of the Chrome redesign project. Calling the new iteration “Chrome’s Canary update”, Hu shared some details about the icon, saying that it will soon appear across users’ devices.

Although the logo got rid of the shadows, it still has a slight gradient that is intended to soften the contrast between the bright hues. With the striking colors, the change of the emblem’s proportions is even more noticeable. Redrawing the central part, the designers were aiming to adapt the Chrome icon to “Google’s more modern brand expression”. However, all of these renovations are hard to see at the first sight, actually.

The new Google Chrome icon is assumed to look a bit different in different operating systems. In the latest versions of Windows, for example, it will probably receive a sharply graduated design to fit other icons on the desktop, while in MacOs it will look a bit three-dimensional.

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