Chrome Logo

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Chrome Logo
Like each Google product, Chrome has a distinctive logotype emphasizing some of its core properties. In case of the Chrome logo, it is the simplicity of the user’s web experience.

Meaning and history

history Chrome Logo

The design of the web browser’s emblem is closely connected with the logotype of its parent company. The Google logo itself was designed by Sergey Brin using GIMP in the late 1990s.

Original emblem

Chrome emblem
Starting from the very first version, the Chrome icon has used the colors extracted from each letter of the Google wordmark. So, as far as there are four colors in the Google wordmark, the number of colors in the Chrome’s palette is the same (plus white borders).

Current symbol

Chrome symbol
While the original Chrome symbol featured a 3D effect, the 2011 version sported a 2D design. According to a post in the company blog written by designer Steve Rura, the logo was simplified so as to emphasize that Chrome makes our web experience “easy and clutter free”.
In 2014, the Chrome logo was slightly tweaked.


Font Chrome Logo
Someone who does not understand the core reasoning behind the development of the Chrome browser may call the typeface too simple and overtly generic. It has a lot in common with such simple fonts as Verdana or Myriad Pro. However, taking into consideration the concept of the product, it is obvious that the typeface is simple for a reason.


Color Chrome Logo
The icon is comprised of the four primary colors, if you do not take into consideration the white borders inside the circle.