Cupra facelifts its car brand emblem, named the future of SEAT

In 2018, SEAT launched Cupra as a separate car brand. And it was a complete success, as the creation of Cupra appeared to be the key to reviving the Spanish automaker.

Less cars and more money – that has been the strategy of SEAT, which has allowed it to stand out in a very competitive market. The manufacturer just followed the approach of other big car brands like Fiat, Renault, and Citroën.

Before Cupra was created as a brand, its name was just an abbreviation of Cup Racing, which was used for the sportiest model of SEAT. With Cupra as an independent marque, the automaker, however, found in it a whole field to develop and exploit. The manufacturer managed to create a fresh and avant-garde image oriented towards premium quality and an exciting and sporty driving experience.

The new Cupra cars were launched in 2020, based on some SEAT models like the León and Ateca, and received an excellent reception from the public. This success gave Cupra an opportunity to establish its own positioning, oriented toward customers who were ready to pay more for the prestige connected with the independent brand.

When it comes to its own brand identity, the company states that the Cupra logo goes further, and the current design is intended to represent an idea of continuity and distinctiveness. As SEAT design chief officer Jordi Font says, this goes far beyond the simple logo. It’s an emblem symbolizing the idea of belonging to the Cupra clan.

The logo is said to be composed of two interlacing “C”s. According to the brand, one of them is inspired by tribal cultures, reflecting their instinct, determination, and passion, while the other symbolizes sportiness and elegance.

The fresh version for Cupra vehicles is executed in a copper color. In fact, the new brand color palette, including Cup Copper and Petrol Blue, was inspired by natural materials like copper and granite.

At the 2023 International Motor Show Germany in Munich, where the brand presented the Dark Rebel concept, Thomas Schäfer, the CEO of Volkswagen Group (SEAT’s owner) said that “the future of SEAT is Cupra”. And this statement immediately caused some rumors that SEAT would probably disappear. However, this was denied by the company later.


In fact, the SEAT brand is of great significance for Spain. Its birth became an important milestone in the development of Spanish society, which was lagging behind at the time compared to other European countries. And the situation was to be improved with the foundation of the Spanish Touring Automobiles Company (Sociedad Española Automótiviles de Turismo – SEAT).

The company can even help you review the country’s history from Francoism to the present day. In other words, the brand symbolizes the evolution of Spain. Although the historical value of SEAT is beyond question, its main problem is that this value is clear only in the domestic market.

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