New Renault logo and Dacia logo disclosed

Last July, just after his appointment, Renault’s CEO Luca de Meo announced a strategic plan to relaunch the Group’s brands. The relaunching plan, called Renaulution, envisages a change of the brands’ positioning to provide a more effective adaptation to the era of hybrid and electric vehicles.

A few days ago, a tangible step on the Renaulution way was made when the company presented its new 5 Prototype concept car which can be seen as an electric revival of the Renault 5 manufactured from 1972 to 1996. Designed in the neo-retro style, the concept features the basic traits of that vintage vehicle, including trapezoid headlights, while some details have been rethought – for instance, the air intake under the windshield has turned into a charging socket cover.

Another remarkable exterior design element is a badge on the 5 Prototype’s hood, which represents a modernized version of Renault’s iconic diamond logo. Composed of two interlocking broken lines, it reminds the famous emblem created for the company by the Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely in 1972. Thus, this logo’s design is a visual reference to the times when the R5 was the flagman model of the French manufacturer.

However, it’s not clear whether the 5 Prototype’s badge is just a conceptual nod or an announcement of a new corporate logo. Similarly, the company has so far made no mention of the new logo of Dacia that recently leaked on the web. The Romanian car brand, as a part of the Renault Group, is about to undergo considerable changes as well, and will likely adopt a new insignia. The new Dacia logo represents a stylized DC sign and a Dacia wordmark in black distinguished with a laconic cornered design.