Nashville Sounds Logo

Nashville Sounds Logo

Nashville Sounds Logo PNG

Since 1998, when the Nashville Sounds started to play in the Pacific Coast League, their primary logo has gone through only one fundamental redesign.

Meaning and history

Nashville Sounds Logo history

The baseball club was established around 1976. It got its name after the so-called “Nashville sound,” a type of country music that was born in the area in the middle of the 20th century.

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Old symbol

Nashville Sounds symbol

The 1998 Nashville Sounds logo shows a player who has just hit a baseball. There’s actually only the black outline of the player, while behind his back the Nashville skyline, also in black, can be seen. Placed over the orange background, it has a slightly romantic sunset feel. The logo has an oval shape, with the word “Sounds” in red positioned on the forefront.

The 2015 emblem

Nashville Sounds emblem

In 2015, a logo with a large red “N” over a grey shield was introduced. Interestingly enough, while the Nashville Sounds logo doesn’t copy any element from the emblem of the parent team, the “N” is somewhat reminiscent in style of the “A” from the Oakland Athletics logo.


Nashville Sounds baseball logo

Unlike many other affiliate teams, the Nashville Sounds created an absolutely independent palette (red, black, and platinum silver). Not a single color has been borrowed from the logo of their parent team.