Most famous logos with a tree

Most famous logos with a treeA tree is a symbol of life and stability. Many companies use the image of a tree in their visual identity to show how firmly their roots hold onto the soil of business, and how reliable it is to work with these companies.

However, the modern world of logo design is completely diverse, so today trees are not only a symbol of confidence and growth, but also a light decorative element that adds freshness and elegance to heavy lettering, and delightful colors to dark and serious palettes. In some cases, you don’t even recognize a picture as a tree, as the designers preferred to make it abstract and minimalistic.

In our review today, we will take a look at the most famous logos featuring a tree as a main or a secondary element, and see in what case this image has what meaning and value. All of the brands and companies on our list are in alphabetical order. Let’s take a look and compare.

Miami Beach Bowl

Logo Miami Beach BowlThe two green palm trees from the logo of the Miami Beach Bowl look cool and progressive. They are connected with fraught lines, making up a rectangular frame at the top part of a stylized crest in sea-green, which is placed on the left of the badge, with the blue sans-serif lettering in three lines, written on the right, over a smooth light-beige background. Each word of the wordmark is set on a thin blue horizontal line, resembling school workbooks. The badge looks super cool and unique.


Logo PlacervilleThe logo of the Californian city Placerville contains a part of a tree in its colorful full of details composition. It is the bottom fragment of the tree trunk with one long branch, coming out of its to the left, and two small ones, — to the right. The tree is drawn in the background of the circular badge with the man in a red shirt as a central element. The central roundel is enclosed into a thick blue circular frame with an orange outline, stylized as a rope, and a bold ornate inscription in the same shade of orange, set in a serif font, reminding of old westerns. Bowl

Logo MicronPCcom BowlAnother football bowl game on our list is MicronPCcomBowl. Its bright and juicy Logo contains various shades and symbols, including two green and orange palm trees, placed above the arched red ribbon with the logotype, and slanted to the sides. The palm trees are accompanied by a yellow Sun, placed between them and creating a strong contrast of colors. The bottom part of the badge has a horizontally located rugby ball drawn against its striped green background, and a blue banner with the white “Bowl”, set along the bottom line and arched from the center.

Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Logo Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic ConferenceThe logo of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, or simply SCIAC, is probably one of our records-makers, as it has eight trees drawn on it. Four black palm trees are drawn on the left, and four — are on the right from the solid yellow sim; placed above the massive three-leveled lettering in black and blue. The palm trees feature different sizes, getting smaller from the sides to the center, and creating the right perspective, with the Sun as the center of the composition. As for the lettering, the abbreviation is set in massive extra-bold characters in light blue,!with a wide black outline, and accompanied by the black uppercase lettering from above and beyond.

Stanford University

Logo Stanford UniversityStanford University is one of the most famous educational institutions worldwide and has its logo designed in a calm and dark color palette, with minimum elements, but a strong and confident mood. The badge of the university is composed of a solid burgundy letter “S” in a geometric sans-serif typeface, with a thin white and burgundy outline, and a tall green tree, overlapping the letter in its central vertical line. The emblem is placed above the two-leveled logotype, written in the same shade of burgundy, as the massive “S” of the emblem.

Bahamas Bowl

Logo Bahamas BowlAnother sport-related logo with the trees is the badge of the Bahamas Bowl. Here we can see two large palm trees, drawn on the upper part of the logo, slanting to the center. The palms are drawn in bright green and brown, making up a great color accent in this light and airy badge. The green of the trees is supported by the blue and yellow on the horizontal banner with the bold white lettering, set in the center of the composition.


Logo MulberryThe luxury fashion brand, named after a plant, also has a tree in its logo, which is only logical. The medium-bold uppercase logotype in a modern sans-serif typeface is set in black and accompanied by a stylized brown emblem, set above it. The only element in the emblem is a brown tree, which is composed of a solid triangular trunk and numerous rhomboid leaves, placed at a significant distance from each other on a white background. The emblem looks very progressive and stylish, making the brand stand out on the list of its competitors.


Logo SanofloreThe luxury organic brand of skincare products, Sanoflore, has an elegant golden tree as the main element of its emblem. The tree here is a symbol of life and health and is drawn in gradient gold line, set on a white background, and enclosed into a bold rounded frame. The graphical emblem is surrounded by the gold “Certified Organic Since 1986” lettering and followed by an enlarged uppercase logotype in a fancy sans-serif typeface with the bars slightly flared, accompanied by a delicate sans-serif tagline in all capitals.


Logo MorrisonsThe tree on the logo of Morrisons, the British chain of supermarkets, is made up of one of the letterings in the wordmark. The lowercase “I” forms the trunk of the tree, with the solid green dot becoming a starting point for the yellow leaves drawn around it. The logo looks very elegant, yet still confident and solid. The green and yellow color palette of the Morrisons badge evokes a sense of friendliness and caress, while the tree symbol elevated these characteristics, adding stability to the list.


Logo MalibuAnother brand in our tree-logo list is Malibu. The logo of the beverage features a bright solid circle as the main element. Colored in the shades of a sunset, the emblem has two palm trees drawn over it, with the left one larger than the right one. The trees are executed in two shades of brown, supporting the sunset mood, and creating a very elegant composition. The bold brown logotype is arched above the roundel, written in a modern font with small serifs on the ends of some bars.

Hillsboro Hops

Logo Hillsboro HopsThe logo of the ballpark, located in Oregon, USA, also has some trees in it. Oregon is known as one of the greenest and most beautiful states in North America, so it’s only logical to draw trees on each badge, connected to the state. Although in this particular case the tres were just a small addition to bold enlarged lettering, which was taking up almost all the space on the logo. Six spruce trees were drawn in green and blue at the top of the logo, featuring small size and sharp contours and supporting the color palette of the main part of the badge.

Boca Raton Bowl

Logo Boca Raton BowlThe Boca Raton Bowl also has two Palma on its badge, but here they are drawn in a small size, at the bottom of the badge, and executed in solid black lines, making up more silhouettes than the images. The palm trees support the black uppercase “Bowl” lettering, placed between them, over a bright blue background, and under the bold red “Boca Raton” in a sleek cursive font, with a thick black outline. The whole badge features a shape of a horizontally located rugby ball.

Fort Myers Miracle

Logo Fort Myers MiracleThe visual identity of the baseball club from Florida also contains an image of a tree, which is most common in the Fort Myers Miracle motherland, — a palm tree. It is drawn in beige and green, and placed over a bold white letter “M”, written against a solid blue background in the center of the badge, which features a shape of a horizontally stretched oval. The palm has its green top part coming out of the oval, with a double blue and red outline.

Carquest Bowl

Logo Carquest BowlCarquest Bowl is another intercollegiate football game, which took part in 1995 in Florida, and also had an image of a tree in its visual identity. And again, the tree was a palm tree. Drawn in full size, in a smooth and bright shade of green, the palm was placed in the right part of the logo, being slightly overlapped by the blue and yellow letters of the inscription, which was set in two levels and executed in a massive geometric sans-serif typeface. The badge was decorated by the solid yellow Sun, placed behind the blue and red crest, formed by four fragments.

Aloha Bowl

Logo Aloha BowlOn the logo of the Aloha Bowl, which takes place in Hawaii, we can see two palm trees, set on the left from the small sand hill, in the center of the Bowl’s badge. The image is enclosed into a circular frame, formed by a massive rainbow on top, and a red ribbon with the white “Hawaii” lettering at the bottom. Here the palm trees are drawn for geographical reasons, to emphasize the tropical landscape of the islands, and to reflect the eternal summer mood.

St Lucie Mets

Logo St Lucie MetsThe logo of St Lucie Mets, the baseball club from Florida, features a diagonally oriented wooden plate with the red cursive lettering written on it and outlines in white, and a gradient orange circle with a dark blue silhouette of a palm tree, placed slightly behind the banner, in the upper right corner of the badge. The color of the palm tree is supported by the blue outline of the sunset circle and the wooden plate. The logo looks very bright, which makes it memorable and recognizable.

Northwoods League

Logo Northwoods LeagueThe badge of the Northwoods League looks slightly naive and amateurish, but the sharp geometric spruce tree, placed over the right vertical bar of the black italicized letter “N”, adds some edgy character to the composition. Drawn in solid green, the tree has a white outline in the areas where it overlaps the black body of the letter, which is supported by a white and red baseball, flying from the left of the badge. The emblem is underlined by a green italicized inscription in a traditional sans-serif font.

Sunshine State Conference

Logo Sunshine State ConferenceThe visual identity of the Sunshine State Conference features a modern coat of arms as the only element. The crest is executed in a white, blue, and yellow color palette, with the dark blue lettering written on the top part, above the graphical element with the white palm tree drawn diagonally on a blue and yellow background. The tree is tall and massive and separated the dark blue fragment from the yellow one, being supported by a slightly arched white line, dividing the yellow fragment from the light blue one, set at the bottom of the logo.

Athletic Bilbao

Logo Athletic BilbaoOn the classic crest of the Athletic Bilbao football club, we can also see a tree. It is drawn traditionally, in the upper left part of the shield, near the sand-beige castle. The tree has thick black trunks and gradient green leaves, which form a could circular shape at the top part of the image. The crest is accompanied by a vertically striped flag in red and white, and a thick frame with the name of the club written along the straight top and the triangular bottom parts.


Logo SomersbySomersby is the name of a cider brand, produced by the Carlsberg Group. As cider is made of apples, the logo of the beverage contains an image of a huge Apple tree with no fruits on it. The tree on the Somersby badge is drawn in several shades of green, with delicate white accents, and resembles the famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, because of the swirling lines, replacing the leaves. The tree has it’s truncated coming out of a smooth slightly arched horizontal line, which covers the dark green logotype, starting above its second letter, and finishing above the penultimate one.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Logo Saudi Arabian AirlinesThe air carrier from Saudi Arabia has an image of a golden palm tree in its logo too. The tree is drawn above two crossed sabers and enclosed into an incomplete circular frame of the same color. The delicate golden lines of the emblem are elevated by the bold blue lettering, set on its right. The inscription is written in two levels, with the name of the airways in Arabic on top, and in Latin letters — under it. The blue and gold color palette evokes a sense of luxurious experience and the professional approach of the company to everything it does.

Kane County Cougars

Logo Kane County CougarsAnother badge, where the trees are only drawn as complementing elements, to fill the space, — is the logo of the baseball club from Illinois, Kane County Cougars. The solid blue spruce trees are drawn on a light blue background, placed behind the image of a cougar with a wooden baseball bat in its hands. The whole composition is set on a traditional crest with a thick wooden frame in gray and accompanied by a bold cursive “Cougars” lettering in a solid blue outline, written at the bottom of the logo.

Cure Bowl

Logo Cure BowlThe stylish pink crest of the Cure Bowl, which takes place in Florida, is set in a traditional crest shape, with the enlarged white lettering in a black outline set on its top part, and two small black silhouettes of the palm trees, drawn at its bottom line. The black trees not only point to the landscape of Orlando but also support and balance the black outline of the crest and the lettering. Placed on a light pink background with extra-thin white lines all over it, the palms add harmony and some weight to the bottom part of the badge.


Logo SouthamptonThe visual identity of the football club from Southampton is based on a bright heraldic element — a traditional coat of arms, drawn in white and red and horizontally divided into two fragments. The tree is drawn in the top one, over a white background, with two wavy blue lines at the bottom. As for the red segment of the crest, it features an image of a white flower with five petals and a yellow center. The top part of the logo is decorated by a striped white and red ribbon and the image of a ball in black and white, while the bottom part is underlined by a solid black banner with the yellow logotype written on it.

Forest Essentials

Logo Forest EssentialsThe brand of Ayurvedic cosmetics, Forest Essentials, emphasizes the natural original and connection with the Earth with its logo. Executed in gradient gold, the badge of the company is composed of a circular emblem with an elegant tree in the center, enclosed into a double frame with the uppercase lettering around its perimeter. The roundel is underlined by a bold title case “Luxurious Ayurveda” lettering in a traditional sans-serif typeface.

Jurassic Park

Logo Jurassic ParkThe trees on the iconic badge of the famous franchise, Jurassic a park, are not the first elements you notice when looking at it. The black silhouettes are drawn along the bottom line of the solid red roundel, under the wide rectangular banner in black, with the white and red sans-serif lettering written over it. The top part of the logo features a solid black image of the dinosaur’s silhouette, which is the main part of the logo. As for the trees, here they are drawn to emphasize the huge size of the creation and to balance the heavy black shades on the logo.

Northwest Conference

Logo Northwest ConferenceThe spruce tree on the logo of the Northwest Conference is drawn in solid abstract strokes in a bright shade of green, which aid close to turquoise. The tree is set on the left side of the emblem with a contoured mountain and blue lake, placed above a heavy dark gray “NWC” abbreviation in a square serif font, with lightweight uppercase lettering underlining it. The full name of the conference is set in clean black lines of a modern sans-serif font, which adds progressiveness and character to the badge.


Logo TimberlandThe famous clothing and footwear brand, Timberland, uses an image of a tree as the main element of its visual identity. The stylized tree is drawn in bold black lines with straight contours and cuts. The black tree is set on a white background and enclosed into a thick black circular frame. The emblem is set above the title case logotype in a slightly narrowed serif typeface with smooth lines of the characters. The fonts of the inscription balanced the straight lines of the emblem, making up a perfect composition.

Capital One Bowl

Logo Capital One BowlAnother football bowl game, which takes place in Orlando, Florida, has an image of a palm tree in its logo. The palm in the Capital One Bowl is large and dark, drawn in one shade of green, and outlined in white. The tree is set in the upper left corner of the badge, slightly behind the diagonally placed rugby ball in brown and white. The badge is complemented by a blue geometric ribbon with white lettering in different styles.


Logo MacallanThe visual identity of the famous high-end whiskey brand from Scotland, Macallan, also contains tree symbols. Two trees in gold lines are drawn at the sides of a traditional Scottish house, coin toured in black on a white background, at the top part of the logo. The image is set above the elegant two-leveled logotype in black and gold, with the uppercase serif tagline, also set in two lines. The house with the trees stands on a thin golden horizontal line, complemented with the datemark in gold.


Logo WestvleterenWestvleteren is the name of a Belgium beer brand, which was founded in the 1830s, and uses a traditional heraldic element for its visual identity. It is a white and green coat of arms in a dark gray outline, with the two crossed keys drawn on the top part, and the stylized green palm tree on the main, white part of the crest. The badge is accompanied by a gothic cursive lettering on the sides, and the name of the brand is arched under it.

National Park Service

Logo National Park ServiceThe logo of the National Park Service, the governmental organization, which is involved in the nature protection activities, is drawn in brown and green shades, with some white accents, and shows all the elements of the nature — a tall green tree, several small triangular spruce trees, a white bison, a mountain with a snowy peak and a small white lake at the right of the brown crest. The solid white lettering is written in three lines at the top part of the badge.


Logo FortniteThe black silhouettes of the trees on the logo of a famous video game, Fortnite, are just additions to the city landscape composition, drawn on a solid black circle, set behind the bold white lettering in a heavy sans-serif typeface. There are two spice trees on the left side of the badge and one young oak or another leafy tree at the very right of the logo. The central part of the emblem is taken by tall buildings with flags and antennas. As for the inscription, it features slightly narrowed letters, which have some of the bars a bit elongated, creating a jumpy image.

Dollar Tree

Logo Dollar TreeThe visual identity of the American chain of stores is based on a stylized image of the tree, with the bold black digit “1” replacing its trunk. Of course, there is no surprise to see the tree in this logo, as the name of the chain contains a direct message. The top part of the Dollar Tree emblem is composed of two fragments, formed by green stripes with white separation lines. The stripes on the left part are drawn in a lighter shade of green, while the darker element on the right is shorter than the light ones.


Logo UnileverThe iconic Unilever logo, with its massive capital “U” composed of various small elements, has all the possible symbols in it, including a palm tree. It is pretty big compared to other elements of the letter and is drawn in smooth blue lines on the left bar of the letter. Here all the details of the badge stand for diversity and a wide range of brands and products owned by the international company. While the dark blue color points to Unilever’s professionalism and trustworthiness.

Oregon State University

Logo Oregon State UniversityThe visual identity of the Oregon State University is based on historical heraldic symbols, with the emblem composed of a black-and-white coat of arms, where the thin tall tree is set in the center, dividing the crest into four fragments. The emblem is set on the left from the elegant two-leveled inscription with the “Oregon State” part set in red bold serif letters, and the “University” written under it in black, with thinner lines. All the elements of the badge, starting with its timeless color palette, and finishing with the sophisticated font, look perfectly balanced and create a confident and exquisite composition.

Citrus Bowl

Logo Citrus BowlCitrus Bowl is another annual football game, held in Florida, USA. Here the tree is drawn without a trunk, just the solid green leaves in two different shades and a bold white outline, accompanied by orange and yellow circles, standing for citrus fruits, which are also outlined in white. The image is enclosed into a circular frame and placed in the center of the badge, against a white background, accompanied by bold blue lettering on top, and a solid blue banner with the sponsor’s badge at the bottom.


Logo BradescoThe logo of the Brazilian bank has an abstract stylized tree symbol in it too. The Bradesco three has its upper part formed by two orbits, which create a spherical shape, and the trunk — by two vertical lines in different thicknesses, with the top ends cut diagonally. The whole emblem is executed in one shade of red and is placed above the lowercase inscription with the name of the company set in a bold modern sans-serif font, in the same shade of red.

Minnesota Wild

Logo Minnesota WildThe logo of the hockey club from Minnesota looks super cool and sleek. It is an intense badge in red and green, with the solid yellow Sun and a white star complementing the dark palette. There are five green spruce trees drawn on the Minnesota Wild logo, they feature identical shapes, but different sizes, with the trees getting larger from left to right, creating a perspective. All green spruce trees merge with the solid green of the badge’s bottom part, and the right tree — with the green outline of the logo.

Atletico Madrid

Logo Atletico MadridAnother Spanish football club, which has an image of a tree on its badge is Atlético Madrid. On this logo, the tree is not easily distinguished. It is drawn in bold blue lines against a white background and has a blue bear placed under it on the left. The tree has its upper part cut, merging with the solid blue outline of the smooth modern crest. The bottom part of the logo features a red and white flag with seven vertical stripes, and the upper part with the tree is surrounded by seven white five-pointed stars.


Logo LinktreeThe visual identity of Linktree, the social media landing page, also contains an image of a tree, which is more than logical, considering the name of the platform. And it’s not one tree, but three, stylized as three mouse cursors, placed vertically and set in light green, white and dark green. The white triangular tree is set between two green ones and features the smallest size. The stylish geometric composition is accompanied by a black lowercase logotype in a modest sans-serif typeface.


Logo XXXTentacionThe visual identity of the famous American rap musician XXXTENTACION is very cool and laconic, with the tree as the main element. The symbol is drawn in uneven black lines, with not a single leaf on its branches, and placed above three bold enlarged letters “X”. Here the tree is a symbol of growth and progress, showing the mood of the musician and his aims in life and music.


Logo CignaCigna is a healthcare company, which also provides insurance services, thus the tree on its logo is a symbol of life and wellbeing. The Cigna tree is drawn abstractly, with the trunk formed by two bold blue lines arched to the center and accompanied by a solid orange circle on top. This combination of elements looks like a figure of a person with his hands spread up. As for the leaves, they are colored in calm green and placed in two arched towns above the orange “head” of the trunk.


Logo ColoradoThe badge of the greenest and the most picturesque state of the USA, Colorado, also has an image of a tee on its badge. The solid green spruce is drawn in the left part of the logo, overlapped by a bold stylized “C” in red and blue, with the two triangular mountains in the negative space. The graphical emblem is placed on a white background and underlined by a bold black “Colorado” lettering set in the title case of a modern sans-serif font. The inscription is separated from the image by a thin black horizontal line.

Four Seasons

Logo Four SeasonsThe stylized black tree from the emblem of the international hotel chain, Four Seasons, is a brilliant graphical representation of the company’s name. The tree is visually divided into three fragments — the top left with the branches full of leaves, standing for the summer, the bottom left with no leaves at all — for the winter, and the right part of the tree has not too many leaves on its branches, depicting both spring and autumn. The tree is set in one color, with plain bold lines, looking very elegant and chic.


Logo PlantedThe brand with the name Planted is literally obliged to have an image of a plant in its visual identity. Here the stylized tree replaced the letter “T” in a bold green title case logotype. The inscription is set in a custom sans-serif typeface with straight cuts of the lines, while the tree features smooth rounded elements, balancing the heaviness and stability of the characters. The whole logo is set in one shade of green, bright and vivid, evoking a sense of tenderness and unity with nature.

Treetops Adventure

Logo Treetops AdventureThe tree from the logo of the Treetops Adventure is drawn in bright orange and resembles a vertically oriented cursor of the computer mouse. It is placed on the left from the orange lettering in the title case of a simple yet stable and bold sans-serif typeface. The geometric tree in this logo looks sharp and progressive, evoking a sense of professionalism and confidence in the company in its activities, and the peak of the tree stands for growth and progress.


Logo SPARThe visual identity of the German chain of grocery stores looks cool and minimalistic, although is executed in a bright color palette, containing red, green, and white. The white futuristic logotype is set on a solid red rectangular banner, which is followed by a laconic green and white emblem. The emblem features a triangular spruce tree in solid green, set on a white background and enclosed into a circular green frame. The SPAR badge looks vivid and delightful, evoking a friendly feeling and at the same time showing the company as confident and professional.

New Holland

Logo New HollandProbably, the world’s most famous manufacturer of agricultural machinery, New Holland, has a stylized tree emblem on its badge. It is drawn in blue and yellow, set against a yellow background on the left from the bold uppercase “New Holland” lettering in blue sans-serif characters. The bottom part of a horizontally oriented badge is colored in blue and contains a white medium-weight “Agriculture” tagline, set in a more traditional sans-serif typeface.


Logo AllspringAllspring is an American corporation, which has been in the financial, investment, and consulting market since the middle of the 1990s. The company uses a stylized tree image in its geometric purple and white emblem, which is set on the left of the title case sans-serif logotype in a pleasant and bright shade of purple. The Allspring tree is composed of two white triangles, placed one above the other, with the sides arched to the center.

International Paper

Logo International PaperThe world’s largest company, engaged in the production of paper, International Paper, also has a tree symbol on its badge, and it doesn’t require any explanations, as we all know, how the paper is being made. The tree here is drawn in bold geometric lines, with the top part triangular, and the trunk executed in a straight vertical line, merging with the small right triangle, while the left part of the tree has its contour open, with the bottom horizontal line removed. The sharp tree is enclosed into a circular frame and placed between the two words in the name of the company.


Logo TerrariaThe Terraria logo is all about green and brown, with the image of a tree set on the left from the stylized logotype, written in massive brown letters over a green-grass banner. The tree is executed in the same color palette as the inscription part, with a green spherical top, and two sharp branches coming out of the trunk to the sides at its bottom. The branches finish with two small green circles of leaves, supporting the top part of the tree, and balancing the wide massive trunk.

American Forests Logo

Logo American ForestsIt is more than expectable to see the tree symbols present on the logo of an organization with the name “American Forests”. But the modern style and an interesting color palette make this badge truly unique and powerful. The trees here are drawn in four levels, formed by short lines on the left and elongated on the right. Each line is set in a dark sea-green color and has the spaces between them colored in green, yellow, and turquoise on the right. The emblem is followed by a two-leveled title-case inscription in a traditional full-shaped sans-serif font, in the same shade of dark green as the main lines of the logo.


Sproutl Logo

Logo SproutlSproutl is a startup, which was founded by people; who previously worked for Farfetch, a famous fashion online store. The strip-up was created for gardeners and people, who love plants. Hence, the name of the project, formed from the “Sprout”, and its cool and modern emblem, depicts a stylized one. The logo of the platform is set in a bright and light shade of purple, with both elements colored in it flat and even, with no accents. The emblem, set on the left from the lettering, depicts a stylized sprout with two leaves stretched up from a pretty thick stem. As for the inscription, it is executed in a title case of a massive yet smooth and elegant sans-serif typeface with traditional shapes of the letters.

Caboo Logo

Logo CabooCaboo is a brand of products made for babies from organic and natural fabrics and materials, and the visual identity of the label is completely in keeping with the idea of the brand and its philosophy. The logo of Caboo is composed of a bold lowercase inscription in a fancy and playful font with slightly flared bars of the letters, smooth sides, and straight cuts of the lines. The inscription is set in dark green and has two leaves drawn at the top left part of the letter “B”, resembling bamboo, the main element of the fabrics, used by the brand for its goods.