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SPAR company has a rather long history, it was founded as a supermarket chain in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1932 by Dutch entrepreneur Adriaan van Well. At the time of a world economic crisis, he elaborated a plan of uniting the efforts of grocery shopkeepers and wholesalers in trade and advertising for mutual benefit. In about ten years the chain extended its activities to Belgium and later to Germany. During the fifties, it covered almost all Europe. Nowadays, the trademark “SPAR International” unites more than 13 thousand supermarkets in 48 countries.

The logo, its meaning and history

SPAR Logo history

From the very beginning, the chain had a fir tree on its emblem. It was chosen because the tree remains green all year through. The image of the fir tree has been the main idea of the SPAR logo throughout its history until the present time. The main intrigue of the logo’s meaning is in the name of the chain, which is actually an abbreviation standing for “Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmating”, which in Dutch means “All benefit from joint co-operation”. Moreover, the Dutch word “spar” made up by the first letters of the main part of the slogan means “a fir tree” with a direct hint to the company’s emblem.
The first version of the logo introduced in 1932 had an image of a big downy green fir tree inside a red circular band with the slogan “buying with SPAR is buying economically”. The chain’s name “de spar” was written in white letters on a rectangular basis of the circle. Every ten years, this logo had some minor modifications, which affected only the dimensions and some details of the tree. Finally, in 1968 the current logo was approved. The circle changed its colour to green and the green fir tree image became very stylized, looking like a big arrow. The wordmark “SPAR” in white block letters is placed on a red rectangle under the emblem.