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While the Mulberry logo has an elegant and stylish look, it echoes the beauty of rural life. It is an excellent representation of the identity of Mulberry, the brand that has always been between town and country, between Somerset serenity and London pace.

Meaning and history

Mulberry is known as a luxury leather fashion house. The brand was started by Roger Saul in Somerset in 1971. The idea to work with leather was pretty natural for Rodger taking into consideration the fact that his father had worked for Clark’s shoemakers.

Logo Mulberry

Similar to the brand’s first products, its original logo was created in the family home. The logo and the name of the brand were inspired by Roger’s childhood memories. The moments when he walked past mulberry trees on his way to school. In a broader sense, it is a symbol of nature and family. While the idea behind the logo was Roger’s, the image itself was designed by his sister Rosemary.

Mulberry logo

The tree emblem seems pretty natural for a brand that has always drawn inspiration from the English countryside and activities that define traditional rural pursuits.

Evolution of the emblem

The previous logo combined the mulberry tree with the lettering “Mulberry.” The tree was pretty small. The type was an austere all-caps sans.

In 2015, the visual brand identity went through a complete overhaul. The type has been replaced by an elegant and refined one. Now, the wordmark has become the primary logo.

The mulberry has been placed inside an ellipse. Today, it is a secondary logo.

Logo Mulberry


The Mulberry logo features a custom type designed specifically for the brand in 2015. It is called Mulberry Bespoke.


The brand’s primary color is Mulberry green, a dark shade of green with high levels of blue pigments and rich yellow. It was developed by paper merchant G. F. Smith. The color is used for the packaging, the soles of the shoes, and the lining of the outwear.