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Dollar Tree is the name of the retail company from the United States, which was established in 1986. Today the company has more than 15 thousand variety stores across North America, offering grocery and houseware products, along with health and personal care items, at very low prices.

Meaning and history

Dollar Tree Logo history

The company, which today is known as Dollar Tree, was founded under the name “Only $1” and offered goods for only that price. The name was changed in 1991, so for the first five years, the visual identity of the American retailer was completely different from what we all can see today.

1986 – 1991

Dollar Tree Logo-1986

The original logo for “Only $1” was not even a logo, but a simple neon banner with the store name placed in one line and executed in pink and green bold sans-serif. The only unique detail of the logotype was a small graphical element between the two parts of the inscription. It was composed of three stylized arrows, pointing to the right.

1991 – 2006

Dollar Tree Logo-1991

The new concept was brought to the retailer’s visual identity in 1991. It was a prototype of today’s logo, composed of a stylized green tree with the black “1” as the tree’s trunk. The smooth and stylish “Dollar Tree” inscription was also executed in black and placed under the emblem. The tree I self was drawn geometrically and used two different shades of green, which made it look brighter and more vivid.

As for the wordmark, written in a smooth sans-serif, it represented professionalism and progressive approach of the company, along with its reliability and loyalty.

2006 – Today

Dollar Tree Logo

The redesign of 2006 was mainly about the logotype. The emblem was only slightly refined, keeping the original tree style and its colors. As for the next part, it is now written in green, which repeats the darker shade of the emblem. The typeface has also been changed — the new geometric sans-serif of the italicized inscription in bold strong lines looks confident and solid.

The Dollar Tree logo is a representation of a reputable company, which grows in order to fulfill all the wishes of its customers. It reflects the company’s values of quality it y and its dedication to making the goods affordable.