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The athletic teams representing Oregon State University play at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I level under the name of the Oregon State Beavers.

Meaning and history

Oregon State Beavers Logo history

Founded as an integral part of Oregon State University, the Oregon State Beavers symbolize a legacy of athletic prowess and university spirit. From its inception, the program has been synonymous with collegiate sports excellence, creating a robust identity in the competitive world of NCAA athletics. A particular highlight of their journey is the emergence of their football team as a powerhouse, known for its strategic gameplay and formidable presence on the field. Similarly, the basketball team has etched its name in the annals of college sports, showcasing skill and determination that resonate with fans and athletes alike.

Presently, the Oregon State Beavers maintain a dynamic and influential position in the NCAA landscape. Their current status is a testament to their enduring commitment to nurturing athletic talent and embracing the spirit of competition. This commitment is visible in their continuous efforts to excel in various sports, upholding a tradition of distinction that has become a hallmark of Oregon State University. The Beavers’ ongoing achievements in NCAA sports not only enhance the university’s athletic stature but also ignite the aspirations of emerging athletes within the program.

What is Oregon State Beavers?
The Oregon State Beavers represent the athletic division of Oregon State University, actively competing in NCAA sports. This program, characterized by its diverse array of sports teams, particularly excels in football and basketball. Renowned for their competitive zeal and historical accomplishments, the Beavers are a symbol of athletic excellence and enduring spirit in the realm of collegiate sports.

1951 – 1961

Oregon State Beavers Logo-1973
The very first logo of the Oregon State Beavers team featured a very kind and friendly image of a beaver, in a black and orange hat with the black “OSU” monogram placed on its orange trims. The beaver was drawn in profile, turned to the left, and smiling, showing his enlarged white teeth and evoking a very warm feeling.

1961 – 1998

Oregon State Beavers Logo 1961
It’s the same emblem, but for several changes. Firstly, the colors became brighter in this one. Secondly, the letters on the cap are made smaller and further apart. Lastly, some parts (like the cap and the hairs in the back) are redrawn marginally.

1998 – 2006

Oregon State Beavers Logo 1998
The Oregon State Beavers logo introduced in 1973 featured a beaver’s head. The creature was wearing a stylized hat with the letters “OSU” written across it. The logo looked pretty ugly, especially the hypertrophied teeth. In spite of this, it was used for more than two decades. The emblem adopted in 1997 sported a less ugly creature. There was also some dynamism due to the position of the beaver’s hair and the letters.

2006 – 2013

Oregon State Beavers Logo 2006
This one, they really only swapped the orange rims along the letters and the emblem proper for the same red ones.

2013 – Today

Oregon State Beavers Logo

The beaver image was redesigned in a very modern and cool manner. The color palette was enhanced to orange and black, and the lines were emboldened and cleaned, creating a sleek and confident image, with the animal looking powerful and dangerous.

Oregon State Beavers Colors

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