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Linktree is an online solution that helps people link all their media accounts in one place. It’s normally used by sharing a Linktree link somewhere in one of your profiles. Then, if some visitor clicks on it, they’ll be able to see all your other media presence in one place, which enables them to thoroughly monitor your activities.

Meaning and History

Linktree Logo history

Linktree was launched in 2016 specifically because Instagram wouldn’t allow their users to link their other media accounts in an acceptable, sufficient way. This service allows you to establish a profile, featuring all your accounts across the web. That’s why it’s called this way – it’s a tree of links, basically.

What is Linktree?
Linktree is a linking service, started by Australians in 2016. Linktree allows its users to put all of their projects, media profiles and webpages in one menu and then link it wherever they want.

2016 – 2022

Linktree Logo 2016

The emblem utilized by Linktree consists of two green arrows. They have a smooth, simple style that makes them look like upright cursors (or trees). Each of them uses a slightly different shade of light green. They are also put close together, so that they are bound to share some space. This space is left blank, and because of the way these trees are arranged, it also looks like a little arrow between the two main ones.

There’s also sometimes a name wordmark next to these. The letters are typical sans-serifs, made black and fully lowercase.

2022 – Today

Linktree Logo
The redesign of 2022 has introduced a more minimalistic and stylish logo for Linktree. The badge, executed in a black-and-white color palette, is now composed of a title case logotype and an emblem, set on its right. The inscription is set in a modern sans-serif typeface, with clean medium-bold lines and straight cuts of the bars. As for the emblem, it depicts a stylized tree with the Asterisk symbol having its bottom vertical bar separated from the body, and making up the trunk of a tree.