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Based in Montgomery, Alabama, the Montgomery Biscuits play in the Southern League and have the status of the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Meaning and history

Montgomery Biscuits Logo history

Minor league baseball team Montgomery Biscuits started competing in 1973 as the Orlando Twins. Throughout its almost 50-year history, the franchise has gone through five names and brand identities. The current name was adopted in 2003.

2004 — 2008

Montgomery Biscuits Logo 2004

Sherrie Myers, the co-founder of the company that owns the club, pointed out that they were the first team in the US to sell biscuits during the games. They even shoot biscuits into the crowd. Moreover, their “tasty” mascot doesn’t look scary even for kids.

The original Montgomery Biscuits logo wasn’t well received at first – sports fans wanted something menacing and serious, and yet, eventually, the brand ended up among the most popular minor league merchandise.

2009 — Today

Montgomery Biscuits logo

The focal point of the emblem is a large “M” with a biscuit looking out of it. The original logo and the updated one introduced in 2009 look almost exactly the same, except for the shade of blue, which has grown darker.


Montgomery Biscuits Logo baseball

Two shades of gold form the basic color scheme of the Montgomery Biscuits logo. Navy blue helps to adds contrast, while white serves as the background color.

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