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Moët & Chandon is a French champagne brand, a part of LVMH Group. Was founded by Claude Moët in 1743. The company annually produces approximately 28,000,000 bottles of champagne.

Meaning and history

Moet Chandon Logo history

1743 – 2006

Moet Chandon Logo 1743
The original logo for the famous champagne house was introduced in 1743 and stayed with Moet Chandon for more than two centuries, which definitely can be considered as a record. The badge featured a sophisticated serif inscription in bold black capitals with a confident amore and a size similar to the letters’ size. Above the inscription there was a lightweight emblem, depicting a crown with two ribbons weaving from it to the sides. The third and the last element of the original visual identity of the French brand was a cursive “Fonde en 1743” tagline, which was also written in black.

2006 – Today

Moet Chandon logo

As a part of the largest luxury group in the world (LVMH), Moët & Chandon is a premium segment brand, and it’s logo is all about elegance and quality.

The Moët & Chandon emblem is a combination of the Imperial crown and papal tiara. The main color scheme of the logo is black and gold on the white background. Which can be changed to the white wordmark on the black background on the limited edition bottles.

The typeface of The Moët & Chandon was hand-lettered decades ago and can be approximated by a regular width and weight font with Latin, i.e. triangular serifs, such as Matrix II.

After it’s redesign, the lettering featured heavier downstrokes and upstrokes for a more harmonious effect.

All the elements of The Moët & Chandon logo are delicate and sophisticated, which corresponds to the luxury segment of the company.