Lipton logo

lipton logo
The Lipton trademark and its sun disc used as a logo are the most famous tea brand in the world. Among all the many competitors under the control of Lipton – more than 10% of the world tea market.

Logo history

Lipton logo history

The Scottish Thomas Lipton registered the brand and the first Lipton logo in the UK in 1890. The choice of the logo based on the solar disc was extremely successful from the point of view of potential consumers – residents of the Foggy Albion, therefore, this logo almost did not experience any fundamental changes. Only the location of the brand name and the actual image of the sun changed.

It was the “sunny” Lipton that turned Britain into a country with the deepest tea traditions.


Lipton Symbol
The first symbol of Lipton tea were the yellow silhouettes of sailboats – tea clippers, on which tea was brought to the UK from Ceylon, and – a little sun.
Today the main symbol logo of Lipton is a radiant solar disc, the boundaries of which are so vague that they dissolve in the entire package. For residents of the UK (which is called the Foggy Albion for frequent foggy rainy weather), this symbol was extremely attractive, which largely predetermined the success of the brand.


lipton tea logo
Few people at the end of the XIX century thought about fonts, logos and other advertising hype, like Thomas Lipton. But it was him – and the brand he created – that was the first in a row of indicators, and even entered the textbooks on marketing and advertising. It was Thomas Lipton who first ordered the development of a special font for the packaging of his tea. The font should have been restrained and conservative, but not too puritanical and “old-world”. In fact, for more than a century of the brand’s history, the font has changed slightly.


lipton iced tea logo
On the first logos, the background was dark green, in order to emphasize the color of the tea leaf in contrast to the yellow image. Subsequently, the color became more restrained, and the intensity of the yellow radiance of the sun increased. Today, boxes with tea Lipton have a background, depending on the type of tea – from dark green to yellow