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Corralejo is a renowned distillery primarily engaged in producing premium tequilas. Hailing from Mexico, its tequilas capture the essence of the region’s rich agave heritage. Currently, the brand has established a solid presence not only in Mexico but also in international markets, especially the U.S. and Europe. Owned by Grupo Corralejo, the company takes pride in its traditional production methods while innovating to meet contemporary tastes. Their offerings range from the classic Blanco to aged tequilas, showcasing their expertise in crafting spirits that resonate with both connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike.

Meaning and history

Corralejo, a name resonating with Mexico’s tequila legacy, originated in the historic town of Pénjamo, Guanajuato. Founded in 1755, it claims the honor of being one of the earliest tequila producers. The distillery operates in Hacienda Corralejo, a location drenched in history and reverence.

Initially under local ownership, the brand has witnessed transitions in leadership but always prioritized its commitment to traditional production techniques. This includes using the finest blue agave and maintaining the original stone clay ovens for cooking, emphasizing authenticity in every drop.

The 1990s marked a significant era for Corralejo, with the company deciding to broaden its horizons. It ventured into international markets, resulting in an increased global footprint. This move not only expanded its consumer base but also introduced the world to its distinctive blue-bottle tequilas.

Despite global aspirations, the essence of Corralejo remained unaltered. Their tequilas are a testament to time-honored processes combined with innovation. Over the years, they’ve expanded their product line, ranging from the crystalline Blanco to the matured Reposado and Añejo, each having its unique palate and character.

Now under Grupo Corralejo’s banner, the brand continues its journey, balancing its rich past with a vision for the future. While ownership chapters have evolved, Corralejo’s heart – its commitment to quality and tradition – remains unchanged, solidifying its place in tequila folklore.


Corralejo Logo

The logo showcases the bold, capital-lettered name “CORRALEJO” in an elegant navy blue hue. Above it, the word “TEQUILA” is gracefully scripted, reaffirming the brand’s identity. Anchoring the design at the bottom is the declaration “100% DE AGAVE,” emphasizing the purity of the product. Small agave illustrations flank the bottom text, adding a touch of authenticity to the design. The overall layout conveys both tradition and premium quality, with a balanced combination of typography that is both striking and sophisticated. The “R” trademark symbol is subtly placed at the top right, denoting its registered status.