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The Modesto Nuts have been amusing fans with their game and logo since 2005. Before that they had been the Modesto Athletics. Having switched affiliations to another team the baseball team from Modesto, California needed a new name.

Fans helped with ideas as usual. The most appropriate one turned out to be the name “Nuts”. Nuts are grown in the area and they make up most of the exports. So the club decided to pay tribute to the dominating industry.

Meaning and history

Modesto Nuts Logo history

The Modesto Nuts can boast of a well-designed and lighthearted logo. It shows two nuts, an almond (Al the Almond) and a walnut (Wally the Walnut). They are depicted with a bat and a baseball. The nuts are wearing baseball caps of red color with the letter “M” in white in honor of one of the teams that played in the city from 1966 to 1974 ‒ the Modesto Reds.

Modesto Nuts logo

There is also the team’s name in the logo ‒ a stylized wordmark “NUTS” in block letters of red color outlined in light beige and “Modesto” in white above it in an arch. This element is rather significant as in the city there is an actual arch with the word “Modesto”. For more than 100 years it has been welcoming drivers to the city.

Modesto Nuts Logo baseball

Everything is meaningful and balanced in this eccentric logo.

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