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The Mobile BayBears are a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Meaning and history

Mobile BayBears Logo history

The history of the team started in 1976 in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it played under the name the Charlotte Orioles. The name Mobile BayBears was adopted in 1997 after the franchise relocated to Mobile, Alabama. An important part of the team’s history is the relocation to Madison, Alabama, in 2020.

1997 — 2009

Mobile BayBears Logo 1997The 1997 Mobile BayBears logo perfectly fit the name of the club. There was a bear and a lot of water around it, as well as a baseball bat. The anthropomorphized bear was wearing a striped shirt with the letter “M” on its chest for “Mobile.” The name of the team was given below. The word “BayBear” featured a script imitating handwriting, while the name of the city was given in a plain sans serif type.

2010 — Today

Mobile BayBears logo

Although the 2010 version preserved the main character, the bear, it was a totally different animal now. The angry, yet cartoonish, bear was replaced by a wild, ferocious creature. The choice of colors – dark and light blue – helped to create a midnight mood.


Mobile BayBears Logo baseball

The Mobile BayBears logo adopted in 2010 featured the combination of light blue and dark blue with ecru and white.